Real Time Locating Systems


Staff and Asset Tracking


The Versus Real-time Locating System (RTLS) is designed to produce clinical-quality location information that can be used not only as an indication of real-time location of patients, staff and assets, but also to automate clinical workflows and provide Lean/Six Sigma Process Improvement and Clinical Quality Measure reporting data. It produces situational awareness data that physicians, nurses and clinicians can rely on.

Versus' RTLS combines dual, core locating technologies with the best in automation and analytics software to help you deliver safe, efficient and effective patient care.

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Infant Protection


BabyMatch Infant Protection Solutions

Two infants are bathed and each accidentally returned to the incorrect bassinet. A mother picks up her child according to the bassinet label, unaware that a swap has taken place.

Fortunately, this hospital is equipped with BabyMatch. When a mother attempts to leave the area with the wrong baby, an announcement is made and nearby nurses are notified.

BabyMatch provides staff and parents the comfort of knowing that babies are only handled by the right people and that infant whereabouts is always known.

Features & Benefits

Constant Safety

Maternity wards are handling more and more births. Keeping track of the growing number of babies has become challenging for even the most modern hospitals. BabyMatch provides a constant real-time baby monitoring solution. Nurses are alerted immediately upon unauthorized baby tag activity and are provided with a continuous view of baby locations.

Exit Alarm
When a baby approaches an exit, Nurses and Security are notified by audio, visual and text alarms. Standard LON relay devices can be used to control door locks or elevators.


A baby requiring treatment from a different department can be escorted through an exit by an authorized member of staff with an ELPAS personnel badge. Alternatively, a baby's tag can be specifically disarmed when required using a keypad and private PIN code. The tag rearms automatically when the infant wearing it returns to the ward.

Tamper Alarm

The baby tag is easily attached and is activated by simply clicking the disposable band onto the reusable tag. If the tag is removed, a tamper alarm will sound indicating the location of the baby.

Missing Alarm

Should the system cease to receive a tag's radio transmission, a 'missing' alarm is sounded and the baby's last known location is indicated.

Match Tests
Using ELPAS Mother Tags, a mother can test for a match at any time and receive an audio or visual confirmation that the baby she is with is her own. Match tests can be performed by both parents and for twins/triplets.

Simple Tag Attachment

Place the band on the baby's ankle, resize the band to fit and just click on the tag. Immediately, the baby is protected. As most babies lose weight during the first 48 hours, the band may be tightened without having to remove the tag.

Easy to Use Software

The intuitive EIRIS software is built for easy interactivity and designed with convenient touch screens that enable the nurse to monitor alarms, discharge tags and assign baby names. The staff may also generate reports on all tag events including enrollment/disarm/discharge, alarms and tag movements around the ward.

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Wander Protection


Elpas Active RFID/RTLS Wandering Patient  Solutions helps to guard against patient Wandering or Elopement plus provides peace of mind for families and medical staffs.

Hospital proven, Elpas Wandering Patient  Protection Solutions are designed to reduce the cost of supervising ambulatory at-risk patients without excessively restricting their mobile independence. Elpas Wandering Patient  Protection Solutions enables complete freedom of movement of care givers, guests, other patients or family members while preventing high-risk patients from leaving monitored areas without proper un-supervision.

At the time of induction, at-risk patients are issued an unobtrusive wrist-wornHealthcare Positioning Tag that enables discrete real-time visibility down to bed-level precision of that individual. Should a tagged patient attempt to leave any of the designated areas without authorized escort, the solution's intervention functionality will auto trigger to alert designated facility personnel of the pending security incident. as well as log a complete history of the event.

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