Our History

The Ronco group of companies was formed by Harry Ronan and Robert Dutschman (Dutsch) in 1965.  Starting out modestly in a small rented office, the companies' initial direction was the design, service and sales of emergency standby power systems for business, educational and government facilities.

After World War II, Harry Ronan started at Motorola as a bench technician servicing two-way communications radios.  During his tenure he attained the position of Vice President of Sales. Years later, Ronan decided it was his time to take his background in engineering,  time in the Navy (communications) and years at Motorola and start Ronco (short for the Ronan Company).  Dutsch was an engineer at Motorola reporting to Harry. Harry felt his new company should be based on sound engineering principles and asked Dutsch to join him in his new venture.

From the onset, Ronan and Dutschman were focusing their time towards new construction projects.  They worked with architectural and engineering firms to assist in the design of standby power requirements for various facilities.  Ronco provided electrical contractors with the product, engineering and field support for very custom and complex standby power applications.

As the Architecture and Engineering community started to respect and rely on Ronco for their expertise in standby power systems, they discovered that both Ronan and Dutschman had a solid understanding of communication systems.  The more they were sought out for their expertise, the more they knew Ronco had to diversify and enter the world of communications.

In the late 1960s, they started to design, sell and maintain a myriad of systems from school intercoms and clocks to nurse call, professional sound and TV distribution systems.  The Carter Phone Decision in 1968 was a new law that allowed companies, private and public schools, and government agencies the ability to purchase their own telephone systems, the monopoly of "Ma Bell" was broken forever.

More companies decided to manufacture telephone systems, and Ronco aligned itself with the top suppliers, Northern Telecom and NEC which provided superior products, features and support at the time.

Ronco was growing by leaps and bounds in every direction.  They formed three separate companies Ronco Specialized Systems, Ronco Power Systems and Ronco Communications and Electronics each company responsible for their own P & Ls.  However, the uniqueness of the Ronco companies is the architecture of the systems provided by each of the companies to integrate with the other, allowing Ronco to be a pioneer in providing a complete package of communication systems - all working together as a fully integrated and complete system.  Ronco was a systems integrator prior to the term even being invented. 

Today the Ronco companies are owned by Chris and Patricia Wasp (Ronan's daughter) and Stephan Ronan (Ronan's son).

Ronco Communications  ( is a Microsoft Lync, Avaya and Cisco partner, providing telephone and data communication systems from Buffalo to the Cayman Islands.

Ronco Specialized Systems, Inc. is one of the largest Rauland Borg distributors in the country.  Ronco Specialized Systems sells, installs and maintains the Rauland Educational and Health Care products in assigned territories across New York, Vermont, North Carolina, South Carolina and Northwest Pennsylvania.  Check the location tab above for complete coverage areas.

Ronco Specialized believes our future is in the hands of our customers.  By bringing the right solution, exceptional support and service at a fair price we will continue to grow with them.

Ronco Founders

Harry Ronan

Bob Dutschman


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