Mobile Integration

Mobile Communications Integration Is Our Specialty

ConnexALL® delivers integrated solutions that meet healthcare organizations' needs for mobility, simplicity and real-time communications with a wide range of applications, including:  


Capitalizing on Your Investments

Hospitals invest significant sums in a variety of systems:  IT systems, phone systems, mobile devices, security systems and many others.  How do you maximize the return on this investment?  We can help. Use our integration consulting services to review your different investments and processes and discover what we can tie together to get the right information to the right person the first time and really increase productivity.

Interoperability of Many Systems

Though you may have purchased different communication systems for your different departments, this does not mean that they exist unto themselves.  These silos of information can be the most frustrating result of disparate systems.  We can integrate different products to help break down these communication barriers. Integrate your nurse call system to your pagers, wireless phones, vocera and PDA's connecting the nursing staff to patients and staff members increase patient care delivery.

Standards Based Communication

The need for standard communication protocol has never been greater in the healthcare arena.  Proprietary languages are out and interoperability is in.  We communicate in industry standard languages to make integration possible.


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