Mass Notification

Ronco Specialized understands that every second counts in an emergency and that seamless communication is key.  We provide solutions from the leading Mass Notification vendors, providing interoperabilty across a multitude of communications platforms and devices.

Managing Events, Alarms & Communication

ConnexALL® works in many ways to help you respond decisively and appropriately to changing conditions during a public emergency. It automates responses to public emergencies and has the capability to notify individuals of multiple events.

ConnexALL®ensures real-time event notification across all communication media, including telephone, e-mail and wireless devices. It also reports on response effectiveness at a facility, team, and/or individual level.

Announcement Control Systems



You can depend on Vocia to simply work, day after day, in the simplest overhead paging applications to the most advanced paging and voice evacuation systems spanning multiple zones and structures.

Our completely integrated solution encompasses the elements of hardware, software, and audio/visual system management tools.


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