K-12 Education

Children Are Our Future

That's why state of the art communications has moved to the forefront of educational needs. Ronco Specialized Systems is one of the leading suppliers of K-12 intercom and clock systems, professional sound systems for auditoriums, gymnasiums and cafeterias, hearing assistance systems, a complete line of video management systems and interactive displays for New York State and Carolina schools. Whether it be public address, telephone, mass notification, professional sound, synchronized clock systems, electronic white boards, or a host of other products, Ronco Specialized Systems, Inc. provides the solution to complement the smooth and safe operation of our schools. 

Utilizing VoIP and networking technology, Rauland Telecenter K-12 communication systems provide solutions for complete school intercom, safety, and public address within your facility, throughout the district, and to the world outside, keeping your facility informed, in communication, safe, and focused on learning.

A Single Media Portal

Integrating legacy and digital media through a unified solution.

Mass Notification

Multiple Real time communication options to every corner of your campus when you need it most.

School Safety 

Addressing the multiple communication needs of schools including 911 notification, facility-wide announcements, emergency tones, one-touch routine and emergency call-ins.

Time Synchronization 

Integrated class change "bells", multiple bell schedule options, and facility-wide synchronized clocks with atomic clock correction.

Total Classroom

Hands free intercom communication from anywhere within the classroom, one-touch call-in notification, and private telephone communication options.

VoIP Communications 

Leverage your data network to simplify installation and reduce costs.

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Telecenter VoIP: a Complete School Communications Solution 

Rauland-Borg has been a leader in K-12 communications for many decades. Ronco Specialized Systems has been a strong partner with Rauland since its inception, and has become one of the largest Rauland dealers in the country. Their product line provides a solution for every conceivable scenario and provides the factory support and warranty to back up their products.

Please review the list of solutions and choose the one that's right for you, or call your local Ronco Specialized representative. 

Networked Intercom and Public Address

Telecenter VoIP is designed to address the unique communication needs of the K-12 environment. By leveraging your data network and Cat 5/5e/6 cable plant, Telecenter VoIP provides a single, integrated, school-focused solution for:
  • Intercom
  • Live and Pre-recorded Paging
  • School Safety
  • Emergency Tones
  • Synchronized Clocks ... and Much More

Every Classroom, Corridor and Corner

Telecenter VoIP offers important advances in easy-access two-way communications for individual classrooms, the entire facility or the entire campus. When emergencies happen, Telecenter VoIP lets your staff respond immediately.

Safe Zone for Learning

Combining one touch call-in, paging, emergency tones, master clock, hands-free intercom, and a host of features designed for specifically for schools, Telecenter VoIP delivers the advanced communication and information options that your campus or district needs. 



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