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Overview of Rauland

Rauland, a division of AMETEK, Inc. was founded in 1922 by inventor and radio enthusiast 
E. Norman Rauland. Rauland manufactured power amplifiers and equipment for public address systems. During this time, the Rauland Company won government contracts to produce radio and communication systems for the military. In 1941 Norm Rauland and George Borg entered a partnership that would change the history of the company forever. The Rauland Corporation acquired the Webster-Chicago Corporation, a leader in school communications, and Rauland became firmly established as the dominant supplier of internal school communications systems. Since then, Rauland established itself as a leader in nurse call communications with its' acquisition of the Picker-Briggs Company, the prestigious manufacturer of the Responder® health care communications systems. In 1989, Rauland acquired Biamp Systems Company, a long-time designer and manufacturer of Biamp® professional audio equipment. Today Rauland responds to market needs worldwide with two distinct communication system product lines: Responder®, designed for the healthcare industry and Telecenter® systems which serve the educational market.

Rauland Stellar Partner  

Ronco Specialized Systems has achieved the recognition to become one of the few Rauland Stellar partners in the world. Our latest endeavor was to become the first Rauland Responder 5 training center outside of the factory, and we achieved that with our first class being held in April of 2011.

Guaranteed service response, guaranteed service inventory, Rauland certified trainers, Rauland's highest installation standards; these are just a few of the benefits that our clients will experience with this program. Achieving this status with Rauland is not easy and puts Ronco Specialized in an elite group of system integrators providing world class service to their Rauland customers.


Rauland Responder 5 

Responder 5 is a state-of-the-art healthcare communications system that integrates the capabilities of the latest technology—wireless phones and pagers, real-time locating systems, electronic staff assignments and enterprise-wide reporting—with traditional "nurse call" equipment. This system is readily customized to fit your environment and delivers solutions that solve your most pressing communication challenges.

Fast, Direct Communication

With Responder 5, a patient is confident that care is on the way. The right caregiver gets the right call at the right time—no more distractions or misdirected calls.

Patient calls are relayed directly to the nurse's wireless phone or pager. If the nurse cannot answer immediately, the call is automatically routed to the next appropriate caregiver. Nurses can consult with physicians in real time rather than endure back-and-forth, hit-and-miss paging. This direct, content-rich communication:

·         Prevents errors in care

·         Saves time

·         Improves efficiency

Perhaps best of all, the Responder 5 Nurse Call system is quiet, and a quiet environment is a healing environment.

Simple to learn, easy to use!

Unlike complicated technology that burdens rather than empowers staff, Responder 5 is simplicity in action. A single touch of a button sends a call directly to the appropriate nurse, forwards or cancels a call, and allows a nurse to contact other hospital staff. Signing "on" and "off" duty takes only seconds—no more long lines at shift changes or waiting for patient assignments.

Since Responder 5 can be customized to support the way your nurses run their floors, staff acceptance is immediate. Everything about the system makes nurses' jobs easier so they can spend more time on what matters most: quality patient care.

Streamlined Workflow

Responder 5 eliminates wasted time and effort. The system streamlines workflow and speeds up response time to patients' needs, while integration with other technologies (e.g., wireless phones and pagers) and other areas (e.g., environmental services, pharmacy and dietary) ensures greater efficiency and effectiveness.
The system also integrates with your hospital's data network to create an up-to-date, real-time electronic census that shows patient information, room status and services needed in a simple, easy-to-read layout.

Complete Customized Solutions

Responder 5 is 100% scalable—from one bed to 1,500+ and from one unit to 100+—which means it can be configured to meet the needs of your entire hospital.
As a Rauland certified distributor, Ronco Specialized Systems, Inc. professionals are experts in nurse call and hospital process and systems integration. We provide hands-on training in using and maintaining the system to ensure Responder 5 is used effectively and runs smoothly, day in and day out.

Extraordinary Quality and Service

Rauland has earned its exceptional reputation and status as the industry leader by providing outstanding quality and service for over 80 years; including years of dedication to building the best nurse call systems. The company's only business is the design and manufacture of communications and life-safety equipment for institutional environments.
Rauland's quality is the best. A record-setting defect-free rate is proof that Responder 5 is built with the best equipment, thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure success in your environment.
Rauland's products are made in the U.S.A. Having Rauland's corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility located in the Chicago area helps ensure quality and contributes to the local economy.
Rauland's customer satisfaction rate is very high. With each version of the Responder product line, users have confirmed the system's value in enabling nurses to go beyond the demands of the job.
Rauland stands behind their five-year warranty. Projects are installed as planned, and 99% of parts returned to Rauland for repair are turned around within 24 hours. 

Ronco Specialized Systems can provide the most competitive pricing via many healthcare consortium purchasing     contracts. Purchasing contracts include NYS, GSA, Novation, Premier, HealthTrust, HealthSouth Corp, Med Assets.  Contract pricing with Med-Assets and VHA/Novation. 

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