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    Ronco Specialized serves K-12

    • Intercom/paging

    • District wide mass notification & bell schedule management

    • Wired & Wireless clock systems with Talkback Technology

    • Professional sound for auditoriums, band/choral rooms, indoor & outdoor     athletic spaces and boardrooms

    • ADA Compliant hearing assistance systems
    • Professional Video for large and small spaces

    • Clear Touch Interactive products


    Utilizing VoIP and networking technology, Rauland Telecenter K-12 communication systems provide solutions for complete school intercom, safety, and public address within your facility, throughout the district, and to the world outside, keeping your facility informed, in communication, safe, and focused on learning.

    Over the last several years, many studies have been conducted to determine whether it is more beneficial for students to receive educational content verbally, in written form, in visual form, or using some combination of these techniques.  Without exception, every study has concluded that there is tremendous benefit to adding a visual component to the delivery of lesson content.  This visual content can take the form of photographs, videos, PC and internet content, and other forms of visual display or delivery such as live camera images.

    Through our partnerships with leading educational product and system vendors, Ronco Specialized Systems delivers the classroom technology tools you need to create digital learning environments that will maximize student performance.

    Storage & Delivery of Digital Video Content

    Imagine having at your disposal a vast library of digital video clips and programs all sorted by subject and keyword that you can schedule or instantly access for incorporation into a lesson plan.  This content is viewed in your classroom on a typical display device such as a TV, projector, or even a PC screen, and you have all of the usual controls such as pause, fast forward, reverse, and search.  Content searching and scheduling is done via common web browser so you can accomplish this in the classroom or even at home as you prepare for a future class.  This describes the benefits and features of the Curriculum Presentation System by Rauland.  Talk to your Ronco rep to find out how this system can be installed in your school or in your district. 

    Classroom Sound Field System

    A 'classroom sound field system' is a small sound system installed in an individual classroom.  It typically consists of a wireless teacher microphone, an amplifier with a wireless mic signal receiver built in, and from one to four speakers.  Optionally, a second microphone can be used for team teaching or to pass around to amplify student input. There are two major benefits to a 'classroom sound field' system.  Every student will hear the teacher's voice equally regardless of where they are seated in the room (no more sleeping in the back row!).  In addition, teachers will love the reduction in vocal strain now that they no longer have to raise their voice or even shout periodically to be heard or gather the attention of students all the way in the back row.  These systems can operate on an "RF" signal such as FM or they can use infrared light as the wireless transport medium.  By using infrared light, many systems can be installed in one building with no danger of cross-system interference.  Most classroom sound field system amplifiers have additional inputs that can be used to amplify the audio signal from other devices such as a DVD player. 

    Interactive Display

    Using electronic pens with no ink, teachers can write class notes on a simulated whiteboard surface.  There is no limit to the number of pages and any page can be accessed instantly at any time for review.  All notes can be saved for re-use or printed as hand-outs.  By projecting the teacher's PC image onto the same surface, the board now becomes a large touchscreen display.  The teacher's finger becomes the mouse and the pens can be used to annotate over the top of any projected image.  At the touch of a button, the screen displays content from a DVD or an internet site.  Stereo speakers deliver the associated audio.  At any time the teacher can instantly open lesson content that comes with the whiteboard or has been created and saved previously by the teacher.  This content, which is sorted and listed by subject and media type, includes backgrounds, clip art, flash videos, interactive step-by-step exercises, sound files, and more.  At any time, the teacher can bring in content from the cable TV signal distributed throughout the building, the image from a document camera, or the image from a live video camera.


    2015 -2016 Promotion

    NEMA has set some new Life Safety standards for K-12 school communication systems. These cover everything from Emergency Evacuation, Lock Down, and Lock Out to 911 call escalations and beyond.  Do you know if your current systems can meet these standards? 

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