Clear Touch Interactive provides interactive technology solutions that helps educational institutions, government agencies and commercial enterprises to Interact Differently. These interactive technology solutions are specifically designed for the demands and requirements of today's collaborative environments. It is through a combination of immersive audio and  video technologies that leads Clear Touch Interactive in transforming the interactive experience.


Interact Differently
The Choice Is Clear - Clear Touch Interactive

Clear Touch Interactive Technology allows you to interact and operate technology differently than ever before. By combining full range high audio capabilities, trueHD and Ultra HD Display, up-to 10-point multi-touch interface, and other state-of-the-art features, ClearTouch Interactive Technology is your premier choice for education technology. ClearTouch Interactive Technology also syncs with the Android operating system to additionally enhance a user's experience.

Clear Touch Interactive Technology is especially equipped to satisfy the expectations and needs of today's educators. By integrating panel technologies, with ScatteredIR  and High-Definition LED displays, this technology is revolutionizing the interaction with technology in a education setting.  

Available in six different sizing options to best fit the needs of the environment, any size selected allows for the replacement of heavy one-dimensional projectors.

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