Ronco Specialized Systems

Mission Statement

To be the Specialized Communication Systems Provider of Choice for our clients within our established territories by consistently providing the highest level of products and services.

Ronco understands the mission critical nature of our customers' business.  We task ourselves to always look to the future requirements of our customers in order to provide them with the most affordable and technically advanced systems available.  As such, we design, install, deliver and service our systems though an experienced team of trained professionals, who excel at communications, leadership and fairness. Our ultimate goal is to always exceed our customers' expectations.

Mark Schmitkons     President

About Us

Ronco Specialized Systems is a unique systems integrator, which provides design services, distribution, installation and professional services for the healthcare, education and audio/video markets. Aligning ourselves with the top line manufacturers, Ronco is able to provide best of breed products with factory certified personnel to deliver a powerful integrated solution.  Our professional services teams draw upon more than 40 years of expertise that assure your project will be delivered on time and on budget.  You can count on Ronco Specialized Systems for all your service and support needs.  Our full service delivery model will ensure that your equipment is maintained and emergency technical support is right at your fingertips!


Ronco Specialized Systems has developed a practice for the healthcare marketplace providing comprehensive communications, security and workflow solutions. Specializing in nurse call, asset/patient tracking, wander prevention, mobile telephony integration workflow automation systems.  Our unique ability to provide design services, installation with complete integration services ensures the success of your project.  All sales and technical personnel are HIPPA Certified and prepared to work in the healthcare environment.  Our many years of expertise in the healthcare marketplace are a valuable asset to your organization.  Ronco can analyze your current communications systems and provide a technology road map that will deliver your organization a plan for advanced communications and workflow automation.


Ronco Specialized Systems is one of the leading suppliers of K-12 intercom and clock systems in New York State and the Carolinas.  A school intercom allows the main office to effectively communicate to a classroom, group of classrooms or the entire school complex though speakers placed strategically though out the building.  The school intercom can be integrated to the telephone system to extend telephony access. School clock systems are provided with integration options to provide Time-Tone for class change.  New intelligibility requirements have been developed to ensure the safety of our students. Emergency Management for Audio and notification systems are critical to this initiative.  NEMA has set some new Life Safety standards for K-12 school communication systems.  These cover everything from Emergency Evacuation, Lock Down, and Lock Out to 911 call escalations and beyond.  Do you know if your current systems can meet these standards?  Contact Ronco today to get a free evaluation of your audio and emergency management systems.

Pro Audio/Video

Ronco Specialized Systems, Inc. takes great pride in our unique ability to fulfill all of your audio and video needs. Using manufacturing leaders such as Rauland-Borg and other important suppliers, we provide our clients with unequaled design and implementation services. Drawing upon years of experience, our factory certified technical staff will design a complete audio or multimedia communication system solution tailored to your specific needs. Our inter-communication systems, announcement control and media management systems have the capabilities to provide hospitals, healthcare facilities, corporate offices, municipal complexes, schools, auditoriums or factories with a specialized designed solution. Working as the prime contractor or a subcontractor alongside other trades, we provide the professional implementation and support to deliver your project on time and on budget.


Ronco Specialized Systems has s full service delivery program to provide continuing service over the life of your systems. Ronco has factory trained/certified trainers, project managers and service personnel available 24 hours per day 7 days a week.  Dedicated project managers are key to our project success.  Our factory certified C.S.R.s meet with our customers to design how their system will function prior to the installation.  We have found that the systems of today have to be customized to each customer's unique requirements.  Yesterday's way of one size fits all does not meet a customer's expectation of today.

The team approach between you, the customer and our team is critical to a successful implementation.  Our dedicated team of professionals have over 25 years of experience in system design with a goal of optimal performance.  Based on their experience they will maximize the workflow process and streamline the effectiveness of your system.


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